February 1, 2024

Headliner: Timur Yadgarov
Chairman of the jury of the international competition "Happiness in Action!", scientific editor of the business bestseller "Tribal Leadership"
  • Mark Kukushkin
    author of the book “Alive”, Best Business Trainer of the Year (2011), founder of the PiR festival, vice-president of the Academy of Social Technologies
  • Takhir Bazarov
    author of the book "Happy Company", Doctor of Psychology, Honored Professor of Moscow State University
  • John King
    Winner of the Award of Excellence in Leadership Training
    President of "John King Partners"
    Author of the international bestseller "Tribal Leadership"
Timur Yadgarov and Mark Kukushkin, together with the international community of development practitioners "PiR," invite business owners, company leaders, and HR directors to an international management forum dedicated to best practices in staff development and increasing team management efficiency.
PiR. Development Practices – We unite people who want to take the next step in their development and the development of their companies

We create a powerful force field of support so that each participant gets next results:

  • Collect new tools for work;
  • Expand a network of professional contacts;
  • Learn about new technologies for personal development;
  • Explore innovative solutions and approaches in the field of human resources management.
  • Reboot mentally;
  • Be filled with the energy of a supportive space;
  • Feel like you are among your own, like-minded people;
  • Be filled with energy for new achievements.
of the third international management forum in Tashkent.
    • Leonid Krol
      Psychotherapist and coach with 40 years of experience, author of 15 bestsellers
    • Werner Regen
      Vice President of the European Coaching Association ECA
    • Alexander Filatov
      Partner of the GTC venture fund, EBRD expert, co-founder of the Association of Independent Directors
    • Berik Bitabarov
      Chief Director for Operational Efficiency of JSC "Kazakhtelecom"
    • Elena Demushkina
      ICF Certified Master Coach
    • Anna Timofeeva
      “Best HRD of Kazakhstan” (2018, 2022)
    • Yulia Parkhomenko
      CEO of the training and consulting company "Biztrain"
    • Maria Gital
      CEO of “Training Day”, Top 5 business trainers in Russia (2016), PCC ICF
    • Evgenia Klimova
      CEO of the "Delphi" agency
    • Andrey Zavorin
      President of the Investors Club of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East
    • Irina Kuzmenkova
      СЕО of "UPSTEP"
    • Anna Bakurskaya
      СЕО of "Red Business Consulting"
    Invited to participate: Heads of large and medium-sized companies, HRD and employees of HR departments, leaders of functional departments, directors of corporate universities and training centers, heads of corporate culture, communications and organizational development.

    Emotions from the Forum
    Arina Podafa
    Freedom pay
    The impressions were the best, it was great to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the PiR in such a wonderful, hospitable city. What I liked -
    1. organization of the event at the highest level, it is convenient that special accommodation conditions have been agreed upon for visitors; lunches, coffee breaks - everything is great
    2. The speakers are fire, it’s a pleasure to listen to the Masters of their fields, such sages of our profession. As usual at such events, it’s a pity that you can’t clone youlself and listen to all discussions at the same time;
    3. the topic is relevant, it’s great that more and more people are starting to think about the fact that business is done primarily by People, and it is vital for People to be Happy
    4. The competition “Happiness in Action” also allowed us to get as involved as possible in the topic, to become active participants in the topic, and not just listeners, it was great!
    Elena Leader
    I really enjoyed the content and topc; wonderful organization, an additional plus - a discount at the hotel. Very high quality materials;
    Marat Nurgaliev

    The impressions from the Forum were amazing. Agenda, topics, speakers, atmosphere, I liked them a lot. Everything was thought out to the details.
    It was a pleasant surprise that the event participants entered the “club of happy people”; at registration they were given special badges indicating this. The welcome box was also unexpected: not the usual notebooks with pens, as usual, but a bag with a variety of sweets. There are many people from various fields among the participants - business owners, HR managers, coaches, psychologists, trainers, internal communicators.
    For the first time I saw that a separate item in the program was general photography. We spent 10-15 minutes and got a positive charge - we laughed and discussed the topics of the speeches more than posed.
    Even before the Forum, companies had the opportunity to participate in the “Happiness Index” for free - they had to conduct a survey among their employees. The “Happiness in Action” competition was also held, which retains its uniqueness: based on the results of surveys from 100 organizations from all over the CIS, TOP 9 companies were identified, among them, using online voting, winners were identified in 3 categories.
    Very useful networking - I met colleagues and experts from different companies. We discussed possible joint projects. As a person working in communications, I cannot help but note the good media support - immediately after the Forum, many publications and stories about the event were published in the media.
    Is such a Forum needed in Tashkent?
    My opinion is that it is definitely needed. This is a wonderful communication platform and a vibrant event that is useful for companies and professionals working in the field of personnel development and creating comfortable conditions in the workplace. I would like to thank the organizers for their work and wish them new great events. I have already planned to participate in the forum in 2024. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.
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    The Second International Management Forum in Tashkent

    Mass Media about us
    The International Management Forum was held in the large conference hall of the Hilton City Hotel in Tashkent
    Management forum: new and modern approaches to running a successful business

    The second international management forum was held in Tashkent

    The first Tashkent International Management Forum was held in Uzbekistan from September 27 to 29, 2021
    O'zMTRK O'zbekiston milliy teleradiokompaniyasi
    The 2nd International Management Forum took place in Tashkent
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    Yadgarov Timur
    Kukushkin Mark
    Bazarov Takhir
    Werner Regen
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