January 30-February 2, 2024





    DAY 1

    January 29


    Arrival and hotel accommodation

    Meeting guests at the international airport of Bukhara.

    Free time.

    DAY 2

    January 30


    Breakfast in the hotel.
    10:00 – Going out from the hotel and start of the tour.
    14:00 – Lunch.
    15:00 – Continuation of the tour.
    19:00 – Dinner.
    Free time.
    Visiting landmarks
    • Ark Fortress
    • Minaret, Madrasah, Kalyan Mosque
    • Craftsmen's Domes
    • Residence of the Emir of Bukhara - Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace
    • Visit to the Bukhara bazaar
    • Walking tour around the city
    • Wine degustation

    DAY 3

    January 31

    Bukhara — Tashkent

    Breakfast in the hotel
    10:00 - Check out from the hotel.
    12:30 - Lunch.
    14:30 - Departure to the Airport.
    17:15 - Arrival in Tashkent.
    17:45 -Transfer from the Airport to the hotel.
    Free time.
    • Memorial complex of the founder of the Sufi order Bahauddin Naqshbandi
    • Flight on Airbus 310 or Afrosiab high-speed electric train or comfortable bus (depending on booking dates and ticket availability)
    • Meeting and transfer to the hotel
    • Transfer on the route Bukhara-Tashkent, air, railway, car (depending on availability)
    • Transfer Hotel - Airport - Hotel
    • Dinner
    • Services of a professional Russian-speaking guide
    • Tickets for visiting monuments

    • Accommodation at the Malika Hotel
    • Meals outside the program
    • Personal expenses




      DAY 4

      February 1


      9:00 – Opening.
      18:00 – End of the forum.
      According to the Forum program and in accordance with the Standard ticket

      From 18:00 free time

      DAY 5

      February 2


      Breakfast in the hotel.
      11:00 – Check out from the hotel.
      14:00 –Lunch.
      15:00 – Continuation of the program.
      19:00 – Arrival in Tashkent.
      Free time.
      IT Park Tashkent (1300 companies)
      IT Academy ASTRUM (1000 students)
      Amirsoy Ski Resort (2290 m)

      • It is possible to supplement the program with a visit to companies that participate in the International Competition “Happiness in Action!”
      • Participation in the Forum program 01.02
      • 2 coffee breaks and lunch at the forum 01.02
      • Transfer Hotel–3 locations–Hotel 02.02
      • Visit to IT Park and IT Academy
      • Nutrition

      • Accommodation at an Intercontinental or Wyndham hotel (including breakfast)
      • Personal expenses
      • Cable car lift ticket
      Bukhara: Immersion in history and beauty
        Welcome to Bukhara, one of the most impressive cities in Central Asia, where every stone and corner is steeped in rich history. If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure, immersion in ancient traditions and magnificent architectural masterpieces, then Bukhara is the ideal place for your two or three day trip.


        Bukhara is famous for its rich historical heritage, which is rooted in the deep past. The city has existed for more than 2,500 years and is one of the oldest centers of the Islamic world. The entire historical center of Bukhara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can feel the spirit of the past as you walk through its streets.


        In Bukhara you can enjoy the beauty of many breathtaking architectural monuments. You should visit Ark, a fortress that was the residence of rulers in the past.

        Another amazing object is the Mausoleum of Ismail Samani, the founder of a powerful state that existed in the 9th-10th centuries. This mausoleum is considered one of the earliest examples of medieval architecture in Central Asia, which is perfectly preserved and today has its original appearance.

        You can also visit many madrassas, which are symbols of education and spiritual development in Islam. Madrassas of Ulugbek, Mir-i-Arab, Abdulazizkhan and others offer a unique opportunity to learn about the traditions and education of the Islamic world.

        Stroll through the streets of the Old City, where you will be surrounded by medieval buildings, graceful minarets and mosques. Pay a visit to Lyabi Khauz, another old town center with beautiful architecture, where you can enjoy traditional Uzbek tea and taste local delicacies. The magnificent architectural ensemble of Poi-Kalon will amaze you with its beauty and grandeur. You can learn more about the history of the city by visiting various museums and exhibitions.


        Bukhara is famous not only for its history and beauty, but also for the hospitable residents. Locals are open to communication with tourists and proudly share their traditions and customs. You will be able to try Uzbek cuisine, enjoy national dances and music, and also learn more about the local culture.


        Bukhara is famous for its historical and architectural heritage, as well as for the diversity of its cuisine. You will be able to enjoy authentic Uzbek dishes that will enchant you with their aromas and tastes during the trip.

        One of the most popular dishes in Bukhara is pilaf - a traditional Uzbek dish made from rice, meat (usually lamb or beef), carrots, onions and various spices. Pilaf is cooked over low heat in large cast iron cauldrons and has a unique aroma and exquisite taste. Be sure to try Bukhara pilaf!

        Another favorite dish in Bukhara is shish kebab. Beef, lamb or chicken pieces of meat are marinated in spices and then fried on a grill or skewers until golden brown. Shish kebab is usually served with fresh vegetables and flatbread, and its juicy taste is sure to delight you.

        Come to Bukhara and enjoy its cultural heritage and amazing culinary delights that are sure to satisfy your gastronomic preferences.

        Bukhara is a place for historical research, enjoying the national culture and hospitality of the locals. Try national dishes and enjoy traditional dances and music. Meet locals who will be happy to share their stories and traditions with you.

        Bukhara is a unique journey through time, where you can immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this ancient city. Come to Bukhara for two or three days and feel the unique atmosphere of this amazing place.
        Amirsay: Your piece of mountain paradise
          Welcome to the Amirsay mountain resort, located in the picturesque Tashkent region. If you are looking for a holiday surrounded by majestic mountains, clean air and incredible natural beauty, then Amirsay is the ideal destination for your next holiday.


          Amirsay is surrounded by the majestic Chimgan Mountains and picturesque valleys that offer you stunning views and opportunities for active pastime. Here you can enjoy hiking along mountain trails, enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Delightful mountain lakes and rivers will add charm to your holiday and give you the opportunity to enjoy swimming or fishing.


          Amirsay is also famous for its ski slopes, which offer excellent opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts. Here you will find a variety of trails of varying difficulty, suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. Professional instructors and rental equipment will provide you with comfortable conditions for skiing or snowboarding. Feel the adrenaline and joy of descending the snowy slopes of Amirsay!
          Amirsay is a place where you can relax surrounded by mountain peaks and enjoy the natural beauty of the famous Brichmulla. Come to Amirsay and feel the unique atmosphere of this mountain paradise.
          Amirsay offers modern ski technologies from Switzerland. Thanks to cooperation with leading international companies, the Amirsay ski resort provides a high level of quality and safety on its slopes. Modern lifts and chairs from Switzerland guarantee a comfortable and safe climb to the slopes.

          Don't forget to try local treats in Amirsay's restaurants and cafes. Try national dishes such as manti, shurpa (meat soup), pilaf and others, prepared from fresh local products. Delicious Uzbek cuisine will be a wonderful addition to your holiday and will allow you to enjoy the authentic tastes of the region.

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