Human-Centric Management

The third international management forum in Tashkent.

Dates: January 31-February 2, 2024

Timur Yadgarov and Mark Kukushkin, together with the international community of development practitioners "PiR," invite business owners, company leaders, and HR directors to an international management forum dedicated to best practices in staff development and increasing team management efficiency.
PiR. Development Practices - Bringing together people who want to take the next step in their personal and professional development and the development of their companies.

We create a powerful supportive environment so that each participant can achieve their desired results.

  • Collect new tools for work;
  • Expand the network of professional contacts;
  • Learn about new technologies for personal development;
  • Study innovative solutions and approaches in personnel management.
  • Mentally reboot;
  • Be filled with the energy of a supportive environment;
  • Feel among kindred spirits;
  • Be filled with energy for new accomplishments.
Headliner: Timur Yadgarov
author of the book "27 Habits of a Happy Person", scientific editor of the business bestseller "Leader and Tribe", and Rector of the Corporate
Invited to participate: Heads of large and medium-sized companies, HRD and HR department employees, leaders of functional departments, directors of corporate universities and training centers, heads of corporate culture, communications, and organizational development directions.

Photo Report

How the Second International Management Forum in Tashkent went.

The International Management Forum was held in the large conference hall of the Hilton City hotel in Tashkent.
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Management Forum: New and Modern Approaches to Successful Business Management.
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The second international management forum was held in the capital.

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The Second International Management Forum was held in Tashkent.
of the Second International Management Forum in Tashkent
    • Werner Regen
      Vice President of the European Coaching Association ECA.
    • Alexander Filatov
      Partner of GTC Venture Fund, EBRD Expert, Co-Founder of the Association of Independent Directors.
    • Berik Bitabarov
      Chief Operating Officer of Kazakhtelecom.
    • Elena Demushkina
      Certified Master Coach ICF.
    • Anna Timofeeva
      HRD "JUSAN Bank", "Best HRD of Kazakhstan" (2018, 2022).
    • Anna Smirnova
      Executive Director of the InterComm Award.
    • Yulia Parkhomenko
      CEO of Biztrain training and consulting company.
    Video speakers
    Yadgarov Timur
    Kukushkin Mark
    Bazarov Takhir
    Werner Regen
    Conference center at Hilton Tashkent City hotel
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